The therapeutic relationship is one of the strongest predictors of successful treatment.

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Are you feeling stuck in your life? Looking for a nonjudgmental space to unpack?

We’ve got you!

Try Individual Therapy 

Having worked with children, teenagers, adults, and the older adult populations, we are prepared to utilize a customized approach with each individual. The relationship is an essential component to effective therapy. Feeling safe and respected with your therapist is key to creating positive change and growth. We utilize a strength-based approach while teaching mindfulness and acceptance to assist with managing stressors. It is really the connection that you feel with your therapist that determines how much you will be willing to open up and trust. Knowing this, we are authentic and honest with clients while deeply appreciating the courage it takes to step into the office and do the work.

50 minute session – $150 t0 $200 for telehealth sessions (insurance billing available)



Struggling to get to an office location, but still wanting that in person therapy experience? 

We’ve got you!

Try AT-HOME Concierge Therapy

At-home Concierge Therapy is a unique offering that we extend on a limited basis to patients located locally. We are prepared to serve several neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area as well as throughout most of Ventura County. This is a great option for children who really benefit from in-person services, but feel most comfortable at home. We will come up you and meet in person from the comfort of your own home. Our therapists have extensive experience doing home visits and are prepared to offer customized treatment to families, couples, teens, children, and really anyone not wanting to fight traffic. This service would also benefit individuals looking for an increased sense of anonymity and ultimate privacy. Let us come to you!

If at-home isn’t a good fit, we are also open to in person Eco-Therapy services meeting for walk and talk sessions. These sessions are held outdoors proving beneficial towards improved mood and overall wellbeing.  Reach out to learn more about this offering and find out if we are currently available to come to your neighborhood!

50 minute session- $275.00 (no insurance billing available) Available in parts of Los Angeles, City of Santa Barbara, and parts of Ventura County at this time



Are you struggling in your relationship? Feeling disconnected and misunderstood? 

We’ve got you!

Try Couples Therapy

When working with couples, we utilize directive, goal-oriented techniques providing psychoeducation around communication pitfalls through practicing specific strategies in session. We teach active listening skills, healthy boundaries, and mutual respect in an effort to identify ways to better hear and understand each other. The goal is to find a common ground through compromise and improved emotional intimacy.  Holly Whitmore, LMFT is Gottman trained and offers consulting to the practice as a whole based on this approach. We have a distinct set of guidelines for couples that helps create productive structure when feelings are hurt and the relationship is strained. Under these guidelines of mutual respect, we can focus on addressing the conflict and strengthening the connection. Please note relationship therapy is not a covered service under most insurance plans as it does involve treating a specific mental health diagnosis according to the insurance policies.

50 minute session- $150 to $200 for telehealth session (no insurance billing available)


This Must Be The Place

Are you struggling with big life transitions?

Young Adults & Teenagers

Young adulthood is riddled with fast transitions, exponential growth, and new challenges. Taking time to identify a direction, a passion, and a purpose will help ensure the next steps are positive, healthy, and focused. Learning about yourself, identifying strengths, and sharpening life skills including stress management, communication, and setting boundaries are all components we incorporate when working with young adults and teenagers. We view this time of life as an important chapter to cultivate healthy behaviors and thinking patterns that can improve overall life satisfaction. Relationships, school, work, and family commitments can seem overwhelming when you do not have the tools or life experience to manage. Therapy can help organize and prioritize through promoting balance and healthy patterns at a young age.



Areas of expertise:

Life Transitions

Family Conflict
Self Esteem Issues
Stress Management